Hi-Drip ICED

The tropical fruit inspired 100mL blends you all love and know finished with a crisp cool hint of ice!

island orange iced

Experience the delicious chewy flavors of sweet blood orange and exotic pineapple, packed with any ice burst of menthol.

dew berry iced

Enjoy the succulent flavor of sweet honeydew blended with the perfect kick of ripe strawberries, and of course a frosty blast of icy menthol.

peachy mango ICED

Indulge your taste buds with an icy explosion of ripe, sweet mango and juicy, satisfying peach and experience our signature Mango Peach flavor like never before!

melon patch ICED

Refresh your senses with this powerfully cool and refreshing twist of one the most irresistibly delicious flavors ever created – WATER MELONS.

nectarine lychee ICED

Experience a wave of exotic flavors with our blend of juicy nectarines and sweet lychee finished with a cool menthol kick.

Guava Lava ICED

Experience the sweet aromatic flavors of guava paired with an eruption of strawberry and finish with a cool hint of ice! Guava Lava is the perfect combination of guava + strawberry!